Blanco Taupe Granite

Granite stone is the most popular stone, used for kitchen countertop. And kitchen is one of the most important areas of a home, where people spend a great amount of their time. It should be properly maintained, in order to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. However, granite is a durable, rock-hard, rust proof, heat resistant, stain resistant stone, but it should be maintained well, in ordered to augment its lifespan.

Don’t just believe any advice – Everyone has his/her say about granite countertop maintenance. It is the foremost tip, NOT to listen every other advice, coming your way from your near and dear ones. Though, you can go with your tile or stone supplier or installer’s suggestions and care tips. They have been in the industry, and they know much about the maintenance of granite or any other natural stone tile.

The second most important thing is know the characteristics of granite. You can read about granite on web.

Clean the spills instantaneously. Most kitchens look dirty just because they have stains and spots. And countertop is something that faces immense showering of gravy and other edibles. You can clean any mess, which comes to your witness, immediately.

Use a soft sponge. Cleanse your granite countertop with a soft sponge and a verified, popular stone cleaning agent. Most people use the dishwashing liquid for washing the spills, but it would open the pores of granite countertop’s surface.

Never place hot pans, coffee mugs, etc. on your granite countertop. They leave dark, un-cleanable spots, which appears as a great disappointment. You should never put such things on your kitchen countertop.


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