Our bathrooms have been upgraded with our fast-paced lifestyle of this era. The boring traditional white shades and rectilinear shapes are now considered dull and mostly found in hospitals. We want our bathrooms to give the feeling of a beach or swimming pool, vibrant and energetic. Different shapes, colors, surface textures are available in our tile choices for paving our bathrooms as per our need. The preconditions of being water resistant and having low maintenance are still alive but the primary goal is to look unique.


Currently Trending

Today customers are demanding more wide variety to choose for designing their baths. This has led to the birth of new creative trends in the tile industry:

  1. Matte Finishes – They are free of watermarks and smudges and are known for their soft finish. Hence they are a good option for public bathrooms.
  2. Glossy Finishes – A shiny tile not only gives a polished look but also provides a high class and clean atmosphere. These require high maintenance and are slippery when wet. Thus they are considered in small bathrooms as they reflect light well in the small space.
  3. Color Options – While the dull shades of different colors are still considered for a classic, elegant look, bright colors are also tried by those who want their bathrooms to look like a tropical island.
  4. Textures – People are moving even beyond smooth tiles. The rough surface gives off the feeling of stones or sand near the river or beach. Mixing them with the correct color coordination, it provides a depth to the styling.


Custom Designing

Tiles have become a natural medium for people to decorate their bathrooms. Instead of color choices, modern tiles of different shapes, textures, and varieties are used to seemingly draw a piece of art. These include:

  1. Unique Patterns – The use of plain tiles like bricks, lining them straight has long been discarded. Nowadays bathroom walls, floors or ceilings are tiled with complex colors, patterns, and shapes in rhythmic order to build up a unique combination.
  2. Unique SpecialtiesLuxurious metallic and mirrored tiles have entered the market depicting one’s wealth and grandeur. Brass or gold colored options are available to provide a royal makeover whereas deep blue and indigo shades give it an oceanic or spa-like feel.

Modern Concepts

Leaving out the visual aspects of the tiles, even their shapes, materials and characteristics have changed to cater as per the needs of the modern society. These provide various theme options and provide high-end performance. One can also consider:

  1. Natural Elements – For making us feel close to nature, even help from new technology has been taken. Natural stone and marble are used in custom designing to provide a more natural feel. New sealants, finishes, and grouts are developed so as to facilitate these changes.
  2. Plank Flooring – The wood layered flooring is sought even today by many enthusiasts. Tiles looking like wooden planks have been developed providing the appeal of natural hardwood. These resist stain and watermarks and are available in various finishes – oak, maple, cherry and even whitewashed.
  3. Traditional Makeover – The 3 by 6-inch tiles have been modernized and are now available not only in a wide spectrum of colors and sizes but also in different and unique styles like sculpted, arched and domed. New paving methods are used on these tiles along with the colored grout to create a new charming work.


To find one’s ideal choice from this extensive array of choices requires some professional help to build up. Tilesbay has all these tiling options and unique design ideas available for their customers. Their wide variety of tile solutions and expert guidance is sure to satisfy people’s expectations.


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