Whatever is on pictures isn’t necessarily true in real just like humans can cover up sadness by smiling in a picture, one can’t judge a tile just through an online glance because what one sees is perfect for their homes or the place of renovation, it might come out as a completely different thing.

It is important to order and test out a few samples before ordering the final bunch before the project actually begins because first, what may look good online might not fit well into the real idea of the project. Second, as not one but many architects suggest is to stick the sample tile up with tape temporarily to see the changes under the light, the look of it against the paint and the maintenance and care it needs while permanently up the wall. Third, and probably the most important aspect is to check the quality of the material that is being offered. Usually online sites may say or even dupe with their actual quality standards but on ordering a sample one can actually see the value and decide on the worth of how much they need to pay and how many would they require for a specific venture in hand.

Ordering samples from an e-com website has never been so easy now, many brands offer customers a virtual menu of what they have in store and customers can also order samples quite easily, and maybe as many as they want which are either free or you have to pay a minimal cost to acquire them. Usually, even the delivery service is fast if the company is tied up with local stores around, and this way one can compare and choose the best among the different brands and styles of tiles needed and then go forward to order them.

Sampling is always a necessity before buying something online as online in photographs and due to the modification of some pics, many tiles might look appealing but in reality it might be different, so if someone who without looking at samples just buys the tiles of the site, maybe stuck in awkward position with the company when he or she wants to return because they might have not liked it then thereby leading to waste in time and money. Also while sample ordering one can see how the product is being delivered, was it broken on receiving and how helpful the staff was. Often many complaints come buying online is the delivery times get late or things get broken on the way to the customer. Hence sometimes ordering samples before making the final purchase may not be such a bad idea after all and that too at a lower cost.

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