Bathrooms are one of the most private regions of our homes. Thus, we always make sure that our bathroom reflects our style and mood. In order to maintain their shape, we regularly renovate our bathrooms. These renovations range from changing the old tiles to adding more color and texture to expanding the space for larger accommodations. Bathroom tiles one of those particular constitutions which leave a lasting impression on the guests and outsiders. Hence, they must be carefully scrutinized and selected as per our tastes and styling sense.


The Innumerous Genres

The tile industry has expanded a lot in this past decade. During this period of evolution, they have increased their competence in creative and imaginative development. This has led to the introduction of various new genres of tiles:

  1. Natural – Natural tiles comprise of those tiles which give the bathroom a makeover to make it feel like a part of nature. These tiles include faux wood and natural stone tiles which make over relax and make our experience in the bathroom more refreshed.
  2. Traditional – The traditional tiles refer to the traditional 4x4-inch or 3x6-inch ‘subway’ tiles. These tiles derive their color scheme inspiration from past neutral tiles. However, these tiles have been developed a lot and have led to different shades and mixtures to be available.
  3. Contemporary – This concept combines the new colors and textures to give a contemporary and luxurious look. Incorporation of glass and mirrors completes the work.
  4. Edgy – This bold, adventurous style uses deep colors like red, blue or black and uniquely shaped glass tiles to attract the focus of the viewer.
  5. Trendy – This follows the most popular theme of the time. It changes sometimes swiftly or sometimes gradually but its followers are never bored to experiment.


The Bearer of Brunt

The bathroom floor bears the brunt of time, due to frequent cleaning and walking traffic. Adding tiles not only improves the aesthetics but also enhances its usability. It has a wide variety of options to choose from depending on one’s preference between an artistic and practicality sense. Homeowners are often advised about using large tiles for easier maintenance.


Factors Considered

  1. The Atmosphere – Solid colored tiles give a welcoming and warm feeling. Large tiles also give the feeling of an open space expanding the feel of a small bathroom.
  2. Different Sizes – Combining different sizes of tiles on the walls and floor give rise to unique patterns.
  3. Color choices – Choosing neutral colors like white, gray or other light shades with minimum accessories gives an elite, classic look. Vibrant, multicolor tiles with unique accessories provide a different, unique theme.
  4. Tastes and Preferences – One should always choose the style that suits their taste and preference. It depicts their personality and style. A person can use the tiles in an infinite number of combinations ranging from a tropical beach look to a middle east royal palace bath.


Wall Tiles

While the floor provides the foundation, the walls form the pillars of our bathroom. Choosing a matching tile with the floor is a must. Usually, wall tiles are of a lighter shade than the ones on the floor. This gives the bathroom a nice two-tone contrast which complements the style followed by the homeowner. From glossy tiles to those of metallic finish or from solid-colored tiles to pale neutrals, tiles of any color combination can be picked as long as they go along with the floor tiles.



Professionals always expand our range of choices for bathroom tiles. Not only they can specifically point out our requirements but also refine our tastes. This helps us to be more specific during selection. We at Tilesbay have a rich inventory which consists of the latest collection to choose from, a few of which are ceramic, porcelain, mosaics etc. 


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