Most spaces in a home are meant for standard regimes, but there is something exceptional about a library. This personal zone is reserved to unwind along with the pleasure of reading your favorite volume. Books are more than simply a pastime or a cocktail table adornment for a book-lover. They are prized possessions and like any other collection, books are also treasured. So, they deserve more than just a storage, they need to be properly showcased in a home library.

This beautifully done up library not only displays books but also serves as a lounge which can be used for relaxation. The designer has brought in accessories to enhance the charm of the room. The bookshelves are symmetrical, and besides storing books they also accommodate other things you like. It is a saying that, books are your best friend. There is nothing more relaxing at the end of a long day than to slip away into the world of words. The warmth of this library is accentuated by the wood look porcelain tiles.

These tiles bring in an authentic appeal to the whole room. The flooring is a blend of beauty of natural wood and the robustness of porcelain tiles. These tiles personify a consistent and proportional pattern. Porcelain tiles are easy to clean and best suited for families with kids and pets. This room has sufficient natural light coming from the windows which support reading. Artificial lighting like lamps and accent lights are added for nighttime readers. The wood-paneled fireplace frames a relaxing ambiance. A book lover might just love to grab an old favorite and snuggle up next to the fireplace. If you care to write, there is a desk which gives you an opportunity to put your imagination into words. The seating includes armchairs and a couch which serve as a perfect place to read out narrations to your loved ones.

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