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A colorful home gives a pleasing and relaxing feeling to anyone present. Gone are the days when pastel-colored rooms were only meant for kids. Designers have invented various new shades and styles which not only incorporate a wide color spectrum but also account various combinations with different accessories. This makes the targeted room/place to shine. When choosing to work with pastel colors, a few tips must be kept in mind. 


Solid Pastels

Pastel colors can influence our mood a lot. Thus appropriate colors must be chosen for appropriate places, otherwise, the final result may be a disaster.

  • 1. Light colors –The rooms of babies and children should be colored with light pastels along with the entry of adequate light. This creates a calm and happy atmosphere for them. Few examples are yellow, pink and light blue.

  • 2. Medium Hues –The fireplace, dining hall, kitchen and other places where guests are received, should have medium toned pastels. This helps in creating a lively and friendly atmosphere and promotes conversations. Few examples are green, light brown and light red.

  • 3. Dark hues –It is advisable to have the bedrooms colored dark. This helps in creating an atmosphere perfect for sleeping. Few Examples are like royal blue, maroon and forest green.


It is not necessary to follow the above-mentioned color coding and one can decide to choose colors as per their liking. But, the purpose of the place and the atmosphere inside it must be taken into consideration while selecting the appropriate pastels.


Patterned Pastels

When plain, solid colors get boring, a wide collection of patterned pastel shades are available. Tiles having various geometric or random patterns and colors can be used to decorate not only walls of kitchen or bathroom but also the floor of the house. The large patterns which get created give a uniform and ordered vibe. Patterned tiles give the room a contemporary look and if the deeper shade is used in other empty parts, the result makes the room a fabulous piece of art.


Unique Pastels

Under this category comes various shades which people most of the time ignore or demean. But if used efficiently and creatively, the final outcome leaves many people astonished.

  • 1. Pink –Pink gives a feminine or motherly vibe making many people ignore it as a normal room color pastel. But using little parts of it like a tiled section or an item of pink furniture adds a contrast to the entire background making the room more pleasing to the eyes.

  • 2. Lavender –This rich dark color is mostly associated with wealthy and luxurious homes. The trick is to use light colored antiques and furniture with elaborate designs along with proper lighting. This makes it feel like a royal room.


Creative Combinations

The huge spectrum of pastel colors makes their use more versatile. This allows one to try combinations of different colors or the same pastels but of different shades. Even patterned, wood shaded or rusty metal looking tiles can be added to the mix so as to create an entirely different style.

  • 1. Wood -The diversity pastel colors gives them the ability to blend with natural materials such as wood paneling, wooden floors, rattan, bamboo, seagrass and more, giving our interiors a natural feel.

  • a) One can consider lighter colored woods such as white oak, bamboo, maple and other varieties which can complement our pastel decor and furnishings.

  • b) For a contrast in the interiors, choosing cherry wood with pink and peach colors or trying mahogany or deep brown colored stains with pastel yellow, blue or green is preferred.

  • 2. Muted tones– Most of the time people only choose from the primary and secondary pastel combinations but why not discover the whole world of muted tones or the different shades of all the colors.

  • a) A color tint scale that represents the different saturation of the color. One can find a different pastel version of every color under the rainbow. So a royal blue can have an aquamarine pastel version or a muted one with light blue undertones that depicts the color of the sky.

  • b) The darker shades of pastel blues and greens when combined with whites or light pastel shades can be used to decorate the space in a more sophisticated and unique fashion. Darker pastels provide a fresh and stylish statement when used in any place. Along with patterned designs, a combination of rich clear greys, deep indigo or rich reds can make the room upgrade into an entirely different level.


Furniture Selection

Selection of furniture must be done seriously. Not only must the material of the furniture but also its color and usability be taken into consideration. One should also think whether the furniture and accessories should match with the background or should they provide a contrast against the backdrop.

  • 1. A huge variety of pastel color options can be introduced through soft furnishings like cushions, curtains, carpets, and throws which can not only give a diverse color combination but also provide a harmonious ambiance. Combining with different wood tones gives unique textures.

  • 2. Choosing a large sofa having a single pastel tone of dark shades provide a bold stylish look. Even custom-made pieces with carvings or decorations can be used as per the user’s choice.

  • 3. Discretion should be maintained while choosing other furnishings like chairs, lamps, fans, tables, and stools. The central motive should not be forgotten that whether making these additions to blend into the room’s atmosphere like parts of a puzzle or make them stand out and provide a contrast to the backdrop of the room.



As time passes and peoples’ tastes in their color choice may change. Even then, a large variety of pastel shades are available for people wishing to upgrade. Various styles and combinations are tried and created each day fulfilling peoples’ requirements. New pastels are being developed so that each and every demand of the user can be met. Thus people should carefully browse through all the available options before settling on their choice.

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