Whether you are building your home or remodelling or renovating it, choosing home building materials could be quandary. And like every coin has two sides, we are here to your rescue providing you the advantages and disadvantages of popular home building materials. Let’s dive into:

  • Wood- Wood is oftentimes the first choice as a building material. It is lightweight and easy to transport. It gives an aesthetic vintage vibe to the room. It is easy to work with wooden furnishings while choosing a theme for your room. Be that as it may would also have some disadvantages like it is vulnerable to water damage, fire, decay and termites. The pests like carpenter bees, carpenter ants and powderpost beetles are your uninvited guests. Choose hardwood and seal the ends to ensure water repulsion. Hardword fibreboard cladding and timber is used because they are versatile, sustainable and effective insulator. 

  • Metal- Talking about metal, the best option that is used widely is steel. It’s time and time again a popular choice as home building materials. It is reliable and has elasticity and ductility. Due to its high industrial production The speed of construction increases and the total cost for the customer decreases. It is admired for its high strength and lightweight characteristics. It even has scrape value when it’s no longer in use. But it comes with great maintenance and care to prevent corrosion. Although it is incombustible but is a great conductor of heat, therefore that extra cost of fireproofing the building is heavy on the pocket. On excessive load, it can lead to buckling. Aluminium architectural cladding is also globally chosen. 

  • Stone- It is time after time the top material for kitchen countertops and flooring. Granite and marble are in most occasions the common choices and here are some pros and cons of both. Granite is less expensive, more durable and requires less maintenance and provides a natural aesthetic to the room while the subject is susceptible to stains and scratches. On the other hand marble is  expensive and requires more maintenance with less durability, it has adds elegance and charm to the room. Even marble is susceptible to scratches and stains. The best exterior cladding would be brick wall cladding. 

Study natural properties before investing. Understanding the pros and cons of common building materials. Hereinafter described are generally one-time investments choose wisely. Something that might look high-end but later can stain or corrode. Check out tilesbay.com for highest discount and best quality in terms of home building materials.