Natural stone has been a clear and concise choice of builders, architects, and interior designers. It has won the place due to its strength, durability, density, and aesthetical value. It exclusively provides an elegant look to the place. But glass has also been a tough competitor to the natural stone. Studies have shown that glass construction projects should be switched to natural stone. 

Here is a detailed list of analyses where natural stone outperforms glass

Economical benefits

Natural stones have lower heat conductivity and keep the building relatively cooler as compared to glass facades. Also, natural stones are affordable and cheaper than glass facades. So the overall cost of the construction project decreases with the installation of natural stone as cladding. 

Elegant look

An elegant and steady look can be achieved through the natural stone cladding. The glass facades can look monotonous and gloomy while natural stone cladding can uplift the entire mood of the place with its varied designs and patterns. 

Best Natural Stone options for Cladding


Among the sedimentary rocks, sandstone is the best and the most popular for cladding. It is cost-effective and has easy installation. The adaptable natural stone can be installed on new or even existing walls. Sandstone is adored for its wide range of colors, patterns, designs, and hues which can adapt to numerous themes and surroundings. 


Among igneous rocks, the popular option is quartzite. It is renowned for its hardness and durability. Quartzite offers a huge range of colors and patterns to the customers, to match their needs. The colors are imparted on the stone due to the presence of minerals. The hues usually range from silver to copper to green and have the ability to transform the look of the construction project. 


Marble has been ruling the market of cladding for ages. It provides an elegant and sophisticated look to the place, reflects light and makes it look spacious, and is weather resistant. It also creates a magnificence in the background and looks like a decorative element piece. The various patterns provided are layered effect, random layout, veining patterns, and many other innovative patterns. 


This natural stone is most common in commercial places like hotels, shopping malls, and office buildings. Limestone provides a modern finish to the project area and creates an atmosphere of professionalism. The stone comes in various colors and shades. 


The metamorphic rock is known for its durability. It also provides water resistance and is extremely low maintenance. Slate is a common choice for both interior and exterior cladding. The rock comes in various color options and therefore is flexible in matching with the surroundings. The slate also provides customization with the size and shape and therefore offers precision to the builders during the construction project.