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Designing any part of your house sounds exciting in itself. Whenever you enter your newly made home, thoughts of designing every part of it comes along. You begin to imagine the wallpaper curtains, lamps, crockery and of course the lovely tiles which will set off the room! However, the kitchen is a room in which you can use a wide range of different tile styles to create a beautiful space.

Selecting the right design and kind of tiles can be overwhelming especially when we have tons of options readily available on the market. There are a plethora of designs available in many categories today. You just have to do a bit of research and everything will sort out on its own. Well designed tiles, and proper fitting can enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Make sure that you don't repeat these 5 common mistakes while selecting tiles for your dream home.

1. Proper Research

While selecting tiles for your home, proper research is required. There are plenty of options available on the market to give your kitchen a modern look, or a vintage look you desire for. Lack of proper research will end up in not meeting your ideal tile goals!

You should visit an online tile retailer and ask them to show the bundles of option out there, you can order some samples for your home so that you can get the exact idea of how the tile design is gonna look in your kitchen, moreover it’s a great way to get a real feel for the product. 

2. Don't Rush

When it comes to designing your new home, excitement is at its peak. You are so excited to select the designs and arrange everything that you often forget to relax and look for every option available in the store. While rushing, you might miss on some beautiful and contemporary designs for your dream kitchen.

Planning is very crucial as it leads to having your dream design at budget-friendly rate.

3. Budget Planning

If you haven’t made any budget for tiles of your kitchen, do make it real soon. Without preparing a budget, you may end up purchasing tiles that are way too expensive and it may hamper your overall budget plan later. Do your homework before falling for an acoustic tile. There are a lot of bright, colorful, and decorated counter-plans accessible that if you do not have a budget in your mind, you will end up losing your heart for them!

4. Room Size

Tiles should go well with the room size. Bigger and lighter shade tiles can make any room look bigger and airy. People tend to repeat this mistake while selecting tiles for their kitchen. The kitchen is probably the best part of the house for families where cooking is very much a part of their lifestyle and tradition.

The kitchen is the heart of your home, it is the place where every meal of the day is prepared with love by your moms, it should look fresh, airy, and bigger. Evaluate your kitchen size before taking any decision in selecting tiles for it.

5. Aftercare

It is much crucial when it comes to taking care of kitchen tiles. They are most exposed to water, dirt, stains and what not. Generally, neutral-colored tiles are preferred for kitchen area as they tend to look more sophisticated even after exposing to stains behind the sink.

You might make your mood to buy those trendy grey colored or contemporary tiles for your ideal kitchen but do not forget about the aftercare part. In our lives with a lot of hustle and bustle, we ignore taking care of the dirt that deposits over a period of time, it's always better to choose the color of tile accordingly.


So these were some common mistakes that people repeat while selecting tiles for their kitchen. It is important to take these practical considerations into account when opting for a new design and furnishing for your kitchen. Apart from these errors, we would also like to tell you things that you should keep in mind while finalizing a design for your newly made kitchen.

  • Match your floor tile with the background and color theme of the kitchen, matching effect will give your kitchen a more lively, and put together look. 
  • You can opt for terracotta designs of tiles if you want a more laid-back look and a step ahead of those regular kitchen designs. 
  • Victorian floor tiles are a newbie. We recommend you have a look at those displays and brochures of Victorian tiles that can drastically change the look and feel of your kitchen. (change it to royalty we meant) 
  • Keep in mind the style and décor of your home while selecting tiles, the design of the tile chosen should go well with the theme of décor. 
  • If you have glossy tiles in your mind, be aware of the fact that they can be slippery if opted for floors. Kitchen floor area tend to get wet, it is better to use glossy tiles as wall tiles for your kitchen. 
  • Contact your tiler and get the details about substrate preparation, the height of the tiles, and patterns to be used.


Tiles can dramatically change the aura of your home. They are considered to be an investment for hygienic living and easy maintenance. Tiles are still considered to be one of the most versatile, budget-friendly, and durable floor coverings for your home. Make your choice wisely!



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