TOP 5 DECOR TRENDS Interior designers have never failed to amaze the ever-wanting clients with their unique and yet classy trends. Homes reflect the thoughts of people who live in them, and décor reflects their personality. Who doesn’t want to have a cup of morning coffee on their sleek coffee table? From side tables to wire sculptures, wall arts to installation arts. Here are the top 5 decor trends.

1. Cork based walls- Many interior designers have recently started including cork walls in their designs. Cork makes your house look instantly more artistic and adds a unique wood vibe to it. Combined with sound blocking, which maintains your privacy, one of the best parts of cork walls is that they are available in almost all colors so you can use any combination to pop-up your house. Anybody who loves the colour and is ready to try something new with house must give cork walls a chance to feature in his/her house.

2. Plants inside rooms- Nobody thought that we can actually put some plants in anybody’s bedroom, but guess what? It is actually one of the biggest and most popular décor trends in 2017. Small bonsais can adorn your room’s work desk or pretty creepers can also be the natural shade in your balcony. Colorful little plants that can be kept in glass bowls all over your home will not only add to the beauty of the house but will also purify the air that we breathe while we are in. Guess you can solve two problems with this eco-friendly decor trend.

3. Metals along with marble- Marble itself pleases the eyes so much that when combined with brass, it gives an entirely new and enigmatic feeling to the entire house. Pink marble has got the international market over its use in bathrooms and shower compartments. When marbles are paired up with brass or black metal, it brings out a very royal, yet poised theme to the entire house. Anybody who looks forward to royalty and class knows the essence and importance of marbles and metals combined.

4. Furr-niture- This trend gives us all the comfort that we need and looks just as beautiful. Fur beds have been in the décor industry for quite some time but lately, fur chairs, stools, and tables have also been spotted in many gorgeous colors across every décor magazine. These furry friends of our houses look cute and comfortable but when made of the right material, they come out as sturdy and durable. Furr-nitures are for anyone who loves fur and its touch.

5. All gray and dark- The last, but certainly not the least trend on our list is the dark and smooth furniture which brings every color out in utmost detail. Any article of any color be it clocks or pen stands, calendars or photo-frames, everything pops out on black or gray. Anyone who loves keeping his house neutral but sleek will fall in love with the latest black trends in the design market.


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