The fireplace is an essential part of the house where we receive guests or gather the family to escape from the biting cold and enjoy the warmth of the fire. Thus giving it a unique makeover by tiling is essential as that décor reflects our style and adds on a charm to our house. Creativity in tile design has become as boundless as our imagination these days. A lot of tile options are there to choose - traditional, cement, faux wood, sandstone and also a great variety of different textures, shapes, materials, and designs which can be explored extensively using one’s own taste and imagination.

Options to Choose from

There are different varieties with different characteristics that one can choose as per their needs:

  1. Ceramic tile – Various colors, textures, sizes are available and they can resist heating up.
  2. Porcelain – Able to withstand high temperature and gives a unique look to the fireplace.
  3. Faux wood tile – Available in ceramic and porcelain versions of a unique décor.
  4. Glass tile – Their light reflecting property gives off an elegant, stylish, modern appearance.
  5. Metallic tile – Gives off the rusty texture and feeling when used for decoration.
  6. Stone and brick tile – These give off an earthy, classic vibe and are made from porcelain.

While style depends on one’s aesthetics, one should crosscheck and ensure if the tile chosen is approved of withstanding high temperatures. Usage of thick tiles is also recommended.

Tiling the Surroundings

The firebox has to be inlaid with special materials to for its purpose and thus tiles cannot be placed here. The other parts of the fireplace are:

  1. The fireplace surround – This is the front portion of the fireplace. Tiles here should have high durability against heat along while also increasing the beauty and charm of the place.
  2. The hearth – This is the horizontal platform below and in front of the fireplace. Tiling this place is crucial as it prevents sparks and embers of the fire to fall on the surrounding carpets or wooden flooring.

Remodeling Procedure

Tiling the fireplace changes the aura of the room. The makeover due to tiling also provides a fresh change to the décor of the entire place. It is incredibly easy to remodel if one follows these basic steps:

  1. Any damaged or cracked tiles must be discarded.
  2. The existing tile must be rubbed with a sandpaper and cleansing agent so as to make its surface rough.
  3. A bonding agent must be applied to increase the adhesion of the new toile.
  4. The new tile must be shaped such that it can fit into that space perfectly.
  5. The adhesive must be mixed thoroughly.
  6. One should start from the bottom of the fireplace and make sure that the first row layered down is at a uniform level.
  7. Working from one side across another must be avoided. It should be started from middle to outwards.
  8. The layered tiles must be left for about 24 hours for drying up. Any excess grout must be wiped away with a wet sponge after its application.


Remodeling the fireplace should not be made into a major demolition work. Under the right procedure, one does not need to start from scratch after tearing down every old piece. For the best outcome, professionals must be contacted for more detailed instructions and for a wider range of options to select from. Tilesbay has professionals who can guide the customers through the entire process giving essential tips and ideas for their custom renovation and installation. A lot of creative tile designs and tile choices are present here at Tilesbay for customers to explore.


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