While we’re all in this pandemic, occupied with our work from home, the best way of refreshment and rejuvenation is to start gardening at the tiniest corner of your home. Therefore here are some tips and tricks for creating beautiful gardens as a beginner. Whether you live in a duplex or a 1 BHK apartment, there is something for all

1. Find your green spot

Find a spot in your house, it may be your balcony or window or garden beds, where there is ample sunlight for five to six hours. Also, check the soil pH and texture. It should be crumbling in your hand with no stones or stickiness.

2. Don’t delay for equipment

Start with what you have and don’t wait for tools or seeds. Begin with a big spoon for digging and normal kitchen scissors for pruning. Use the grains available at your kitchen shelves as seeds like chili seeds, pumpkin seeds, tomato seeds, wheat grains to set up. Try container gardening, if no pots. 

3. Organic compost

You don’t have to visit the market for compost, rather dump all your tea remains vegetable peels, non-veg remains in a dried and powdered form. This will act as a supplement to your new babies. 

4. Label your plants

To remove confusion as you might end up forgetting, label your pots so that you remember which seed was planted in which pot. A golden rule for placing seeds is- the bigger the seed, the deeper it should be sown; smaller seeds at the surface. 

5. Diseases at Bay:  

To prevent or stop plant diseases in your garden try this DIY. Mix some neem oil and water and few drops of liquid dish soap. Shake well and spray this emulsion once every two weeks. Also, ensure there are enough drainage holes to prevent the soil become soggy. 

Gardening is a wonderful way to engage your children in something productive, while they are at home in lockdown. It will create a sense of achievement in them upon the growth of the baby plant. You can also try painting your containers into beautiful pots with acrylics. Try this activity with your family members and let their creativity shine during quality time. Your morning cup of beverage with these baby blooming plants will create an aura of optimism and motivation for the day. Try keeping a money plant stem in a glass container on your favorite book-shelf and watch how this little piece of green can bring aesthetic to your room.

A family garden will also improve your health like chewing tulsi and curry leaves have proven benefits to the body. In the end, the only thing you need to remember is to take care and water regularly with ample sunlight and let mother earth do her magic.