At a number of times, we receive complaints from our customers that they are concerned over the shades of floor and wall tiles of their living room. They mostly grumble that their floor and walls do not have matching color or shade.

But is it really important for the floor and wall tiles to match? Though floor tiles have been designed to provide a complement to the theme of the room, but it is not necessarily important or essential for them to have the same/matching color or theme. Floor tiles and wall tiles vary in color and shade for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is the contrast of design.

Allow me to explain, if the color and shade of wall and floor would be same, it will be difficult for you to give a detailed contrast and environment. To add a perfect finish to the design, the color and shade of walls and floor of room should be different. Having different shades adds a live, pleasant dimension to your room.

According to top designers, rooms with same wall and floor colors are boring and 2 dimensional, whereas, the life as we see it is multidimensional.

Most of the home designers and remodelers suggest homeowners to use complementing shades and colors, instead of using the same shades and colors. For this, you need to have a good understanding of correlated, complementing colors. If you need any suggestions in choosing the right tile, you can connect with us via TilesBay Chat Support feature.


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