Floor Tiles, as name goes, are to be used on floors, especially, on the floors of area that faces heavy splashes of water, as bathrooms and kitchens. But, nowadays, people install these tiles almost everywhere, wherever they feel like. These tiles are popularly used on walls, roofs, and in hall area and even in, however, the process of installation in different areas can vary. There are available countless options for tiles, which a homeowner can choose according to his mood, style, preferences and budget.

Use The Tile According To The Nature Of The Room – When you are going to invest in floor tiles for your home, do pay attention towards the mood of the room or area. For an instance, if it is an inner room that has no source of natural light, you should install light colored and textured tiles in it. It will give the contrast and brightness to the room’s feel. Also, if your house in tropical and hot climatic zone, then choosing light colored tile will help you maintain the temperature of the room at soothing level.

Picking Natural and Manufactured TilesNatural Stone Tiles are considered as best and classy. But when it comes to the maintenance, they ask for a lot of precautions and looking after. In addition, it is also an expensive choice. Installation is also a mess and time taking story. On the other hand,porcelain & ceramic tiles are simulated ones, and used quite popularly. Porcelain floor tiles are used over large floor spreads.

And ceramic tiles are available in different style options and they may give the feel and touch of real stone. At an interesting nod, ceramic tiles are far cheaper and easy maintainable. There are many other factors as; whether you should buy your requirements from a store or from an online website; if you are buying the tiles from a website, does it support free shipping or not; and what it is the promised time of delivery. We will be posting more in coming days; visit the TilesBay website to scan through our wide collection of natural stones and tiles.


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