slate tile


Out of a fine grained metamorphic rock, we derived ‘slate’ which worked wonders in the arena of home decoration. Do you want a modern looking, chic house? Slate tiles is the answer. You want to give your home a rustic and antique feel? Let me just say, slate tiles are the answer again. Another thing you need to know is that slate is extremely durable and it can last several hundred years without almost no maintenance (Sounds good already, doesn’t it?).

Redefine your living room with slate flooring and give it a ‘wow factor’ it has always needed. With its beautiful appearance and the durability, it is definitely worth it. If you have a home with lighter shades on the walls, like whites or off creams, then a black or darker shades of slate tiles would team up perfectly with it giving it contrast and a very elegant finish.

My suggestion for homes with light coloured living room walls will be a premium black slate classic

Are you someone who doesn’t like making a lot of decisions on what colour to choose and what will match with what? No worries. There is a range of multi coloured slate tiles which can look perfect with almost anything. Be it your flooring, or for your walls. With a beautiful mix of colours like painted on a canvas, it will give a very bohemian look with a touch of class. Not convinced yet? 

If you are not a fan of dark floor tiles and you love to see light and soothing surroundings when you open the door of your house, lighter blue undertoned shades of tiles would be what you are looking for. They’re easy on the eyes, and give a very airy vibe with will make you feel instantly at home, somewhere you find peace. It will look like a spread of light clouds or of the soothing sea. Tempted, aren’t we? It also has low variations of grey in it to add that touch of vanity. 

Have enough reasons to renovate now? Get the touch of slate tiles in your homes and be satisfied, always.

Happy shopping!


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