Generate more than what you bargained for !

Once you have found your unique stone (such as Travertine Tile, Granite Tile, Quartzite Tile, Porcelain tile, you will then want to select a pattern that will compliment the natural beauty of your stone. Great flooring takes on added dimension and special interest when used in patterns. Make an artistic statement, enhance a space, or build on other décor selections. Using floor patterns is not difficult and the design payoff is substantial. Choose from a number of ideas that we present here, or design your own.

Grid / Straight Lay - This pattern is the easiest and most cost effective due to its ease of installation. Grout lines need to be thin and neat so as not to take away the focal point and overtake the beauty of tiles. Most commonly used pattern and found in many commercial and residential projects.

Checker Board Pattern- Similar to Grid layout above two different color tiles are used to create further interest. Color or tiles of similar tones compliment the look which is subtle and exquisite. This pattern could be set either straight or diagonal for more character.

Brick Pattern - This pattern highlights beautiful tiles and stones by creating more linear appearance.It has become a poular choice for both flooring and walls. Use it with square or rectangular tiles, eaither ways this is bound for a stunning effect.

 Brick Pattern

Versailles Pattern - Aka French pattern, this distinctive and intricate pattern is from the Versailles Palace just outside of Paris, France. Multiple shapes and sizes of tiles are needed to create this pattern. A professional with experience is recommended for this installation. Blending of colors is an art by itself. It could be used both indoors and in outdoor projects. It is recommended that you should decide on the pattern before tile selection. 

Silver Travertine

Herringbone Pattern  - This pattern creates visual sensation of welcoming. It also helps lengthen or widen a room on how it is laid. This pattern is greatly found in palaces and castles in Europe and India. It can be created using wood look porcelain or natural stone tiles. Due to complexity of this pattern it is highly recommended to use a professional with experience who can calculate and blend the product per need.

Herringbone Pattern



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