How to clean stone floors in the kitchen?

To clean the stone floors in the kitchen, you just soap solution or antiseptic in a gallon of water. Sweep the floor with the solution thoroughly so that no dirt is left. And replace the water when it gets dirty. Instead of antiseptic, you can also use strong detergents or phenyl. These are disinfectants and will make sure the proper cleaning of the floors.

Natural Stone cleaning products

For the stone tiles to look flawless, we need to just clean them. There are several products out there claiming to clean your floors. Some of them are neutral cleaner, stone soap, dishwashing detergents added in warm water. These products will go to add that extra shine to your floors. That will make everyone keep on gazing at your shining floors.

Home-made natural cleaning agent for the stone.

Several cleaning recipes can help you to get your stone floors clean instantly. Just ¼ of alcohol, ¾ of water, and a teaspoon of dish soap mix them well. And here's your stone cleaning recipes ready to clean your floors. With this, you can also clean Kota Stone.

How to clean outdoor stone?

Cleaning your outdoor stones is just a cakewalk. Cleaning it with any antiseptic or any disinfectants will do. Try not using baking soda and vinegar as they can be harsh to the surface.

Maintenance and care of our Natural Stones.

Stones are made up of marble, granite, or limestone. They should be washed with warm water and wiped with a soft cloth.

How to clean rough stone tile.

Cleaning rough stones is also easy; you just need a few ingredients. Baking soda, salt, and essential oils mix them well. And here's your cleaning solution ready to clean your rough stones easily.

Outdoor Granite cleaner

First, clean the dirt of the granite stone with warm water. Take Isopropyl alcohol and water in an equal ratio. And this the simplest way of cleaning your outdoor granite.

How to clean the standing stone?

To clean the standing stone you just need two simple ingredients that are available in every kitchen. The two ingredients are water and bleach. Combine both of them in equal parts and sweep the sandstone with the soft cloth. This is a really simple way of cleaning the standing stone. It doesn't require any sort of support. Even a school going student can do such tasks.

How to clean the outdoor slate?

To clean your outside slate you just need two simple ingredients and that is soap and water. Clean the tile with a soap solution and sweep the tiles with the help of a soft cloth. Leave it undisturbed for the drying purpose.

Apply a thin coat of sealer with a roller or brush, let it dry.