Germ-Resistant Tiles Trends More In Corona-Airborne World

“Silver not only kills Ware-Wolves, but also hidden Microbial organisms that nest-floor in your home sweet home”

Anti-Microbial flooring trends 2020

Modern flooring ideas interior with-in hygienic layer and these are the types of flooring for home trend world-wide. Whatever your plans & desire are for your home interior decoration, Corona-virus will always be an uninvited guest, until you gate it out. You already have beautiful flooring design in mind; you need to add a pinch of protection on your floor &/or concrete-floor. Since Corona is a major concern, things have to be undertaken within a safe perimeter. The new normal is all about stepping on hygienic bricks, especially on your home floor. Bacteria free surfacing is a layer of anti-microbe agents, like silver, Isothiazoline & other additives. Resinous floors are not antimicrobial unless it layers an antimicrobial spread.

Concrete Flooring

For those having solid flooring, worry not, there is a solution to every need now except for Covid-19. You can layer your concrete flooring with an antimicrobial coating, but there is one thing you need to do before coating the surface. You need to fill in the surface gaps with an antimicrobial product to prevent the chances of micro-organism to thrive. This is a mandated step before turning your floor into an antimicrobial floor. There are microscopic contaminants that need to undergo decontamination to check bacterial growth. After this, antimicrobial coats the floor surface. It is the silver compound that is an antimicrobial agent layering your floor and shows no mercy to bacteria that wear-tears your floor's life. Also Isothiazoline and other agents that serve the same purpose, but not at par with silver.

Germ-Free Tiles

Germ-resistant tiles trends more in Corona-airborne world. It is in multi-size and manufactured dipped in anti-microbial additives. Protection that surfaces floor is nano particles, composite of magnesium, zinc, silver and anti-fungus & antibacterial in nature.

Luxury Vinyl flooring

If you need plus protection then LVT is your choice. During the manufacturing of LVT, anti-microbial agents, Isothiazoline, Zinc Pyrithione, Thiabendazole & silver, are added. There are two types of vinyl flooring, traditional & luxury and both are water-resistant and available in various styles and colors that appear natural look of wood & tile or concrete floor. Antimicrobial additives are the main input in antimicrobial luxury vinyl tile manufacture.

Antimicrobial Carpet

If you are an easy kind of person and wish to quick-wrap your work, then blanket your floor with Anti-Microbial Carpet. The Antimicrobial Carpet-fibers also has a silver base & also known as Carpet Face. It’s the fiber, which is of the silver base, under-go infusion using extrusion method in the making of Anti-microbe carpet.

Antimicrobial Coatings

If time and cost, both are short, then the anti-microbial coating is the best buzzer to press. You can layer your floor with the shielding coat to resist bacterial and fungus growth. The coating is basically treated with an anti-microbe agent. The coating contains PVC, latex, polyurethane, paint, lacquer, powder-coatings, choose that suits your floor. Silver is Vanhelsing that inherits purifying elements that kill microbial enzymes and other organisms that eat away the beauty of your floor. Life can be New Normal until we actually live one.