best bathroom safety equipment for your homeBathroom safety equipment is necessary whether you like it or not. There are various bathroom safety products and ways to ensure the best bathroom safety. Let's find out how to improve bathroom safety, how modifications ensure bathroom safety.

We all grow old. With age, comes more wisdom, but also more situations that will quickly become more dangerous than before. Slips are falls and are a standard occurrence, especially within the bathroom. The toilet is crammed with hard items and slippery surfaces which will quickly cause disaster. This blog will check out a spread of tips and several other bathroom safety products which will assist you to increase stability, balance, and regain your independence.

Raised Toilet Seats

Are you or a beloved having difficulties sitting or getting up from a seated position? this will be troublesome within the bathroom. That’s why we provide our clients with raised toilet seats! These seats are available in a spread of styles, including a 2 inch and 6-inch variation, but all of them serve an equivalent purpose, to decrease the space that somebody has got to visit, sit on the seat or get up from the seat. Whether you've got balance issues, bad hips or knees, or simply had surgery, adding a raised seat to your bathroom will prevent tons of your time, increase your independence, and keep you safe!

Grab Bars

Having something to carry on to provides the user with additional stability. These grab bars allow the user to use their upper body strength to assist themselves get on and off the restroom, in and out of the bath, then far more. These grab bars also aren’t limited to use within the bathroom. you'll install them anywhere within the home that's needed! Visit one among our locations today to speak to at least one of our trained professionals about which bar is true for you.

Bath Bench and Shower Chairs

When it involves bathroom safety equipment, not many items are more valuable than bath benches and shower chairs. Additionally, to provide stability for those with balance issues, both shower chairs and bath benches allow those that have difficulty standing for long periods to rest while bathing. Bath benches and seats leave a secure, comfortable, and stable place to take a seat while bathing. Each bench is provided with rubber or suction tips to assist eliminate any chance of the bench moving or sliding. Drainage holes in most seats prevent water build-up. The Wheeled Shower/Commode Chair is ideal for people that need a commode and need the rolling feature to facilitate easy transportation and mobility, including the potential to roll over the restroom or into the shower area.