We put our heart and soul in decorating our house. A lot of attention and time is dedicated to furnish all the rooms, trying to enhance every corner. But, one area which usually gets overlooked is the staircase. You should not miss the opportunity to accessorize the staircase area and introduce elements of style. It is a high traffic area and deserves to smarten up. You perhaps go up and down your stairs many times in a day, so why not prettify that passage.


A staircase is a prominent place which can be transformed from an ordinary space to an eye catching spot. Proper design and decor will transform it from a trivial to dominant area. Doing this will definitely swell up the value of the house. Staircase area need not be wide, it can be small and narrow. But this shouldn't bar you from giving the same kind of attention in decorating it as the rest of the house.


If you are an art-lover, you may like to line up some collectibles along the stair-wall. This will surely create a distinctive look. You also have an option to hang some family pictures which bring back few good memories every time you pass the stairs. Hanging some masterpieces created by your toddler is a delightful alternative. This quirky line up will certainly be a great conversation starter. Framed or gilded mirrors and wall-scones also work wonders in beautifying the portion.


To highlight the staircase area, service the stairs with exquisite slate tiles. A stunning staircase with custom cut slate stair sets off the drama. These can be matching to the slate floor tiles used in rest of the house, or in contrast to hit the spotlight. Slate is incredibly durable and best suited for stairs for it's excellent slip resistance feature. For some, laying down a stair runner to add pattern to the steps works well. A DIY trick to apply some left over wallpaper rolls to your stairs is an easy way to bring in some motif and this might grab some amount of interest.


Some of you might be lucky to have a landing with natural light. Don't let go the possibility to accentuate it with a comfy window seat. This bright spot can become your personal hideaway to relax or simply slip into the seat with a book for that precious 'me' time.


You need to work smart in terms of space utilization. The area under the stairs can be used wisely for storage for everything from books to artifacts to designing a closet for hanging coats and umbrellas. You can also hang a few hooks on the wall, either above the staircase or just where it ends, to hang your belongings like a purse or jacket or a hat. This makes them easily approachable when going out.


A sparkling chandelier crowned over the staircase, adds character to the whole house. Green plants and colorful blooms placed cleverly have the charm to fascinate every passer-by. Placing sculptors and huge vases are a brilliant idea to catch interest of visitors. The options are numerous, its for you to take time and think what is best suited for your home.

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