Unlike other tiles, Quartz tiles are produced by combining a mix of natural quartz, mirror flecks, resin and color pigment to bind the whole lot together. This resilient, practical and eye-catching tile has found its way into the houses of various users in the form of countertops, showers, flooring and vertical surfaces as it has noteworthy rewards over natural stone and other tiling materials owing to its superior quality, strength and the luxurious polished surface which has a distinct sparkle.

The beauty, hardness and utility of these hardwearing quartz makes it last a lifetime and makes it a highly desirable material for interior or exterior use, both residentially and commercially. The soothing and graduated chestnut color just enhances the beauty of it even more, making it a winning combination.

Chestnut being a versatile color can give different looks to the place, ones as you desire. Be it modern, sophisticated, luxurious, contemporary, eclectic, chic-style, simple or traditional, this brown undertone gives inspirations to all these looks but it all depends on how you choose your color scheme alongside it. Chestnut flooring goes with almost every other color and adds up warmth to the entire look of the space. Team it up with the contrasting dark railing and light walls to create the perfect look for your staircase or try out color blocking where you can work with two or more solid colors being used in a single room to create a modern looking eat-in kitchen. It can also be fun to introduce a punch of bold color to define different areas of the room and complement your chestnut.

The warm, naturally beautiful and serene yet robust, glossy, heat, mold and scratch-resistant chestnut quartz will prove to be a beautiful choice for your home. It retains the cool while enables the user with a work surface which is easy to work with, comfortable and durable. Also it is resistant to most acids, such as soft drinks and juice so, you can still spill your drinks and not care about it much! Its ability to reflect light, gives an additional appeal and glam to the floor.

Homes with these chestnut quartz tiles definitely look very luxurious and sophisticated. And you can find them at very affordable rates on www.tilesbay.com. So, do you have your chestnut quartz collection yet? If not then go and check it out!

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