Gone are those days when everyone used to visit stores to purchase every item what they wanted. With the technology advancement, all products available out there are also available at the click of a button. Below are few thoughts you need to remember while you shop Online.

Shopping online has become a part of our lives but few still worry. Online shopping is certainly here to stay. Online security continues to advance. Some believe shopping online is safer than shopping over the phone or even in person, as you never hand your card details over to another person.

Let's discuss few pointers in this topic for safe and secure online shopping.

Know your retailer:- There are some known names like eBay.com. Many others have extended their stores online like bestbuy.com. For a lesser-known ecommerce companies you need to get your homework done. Many promote themselves just to get traffic. Get to see their contact details, email, telephone numbers and top of all a physical address. Don't be lazy - pick up your phone to check the stock or service before typing your credit card details.

Check before you marry:- Someone has said "Prevention is better than cure". Verify company's reputation online. It is a lot easier today to check the background of the online company than it was few years ago.

Looks can be deceiving:- A beautiful watch / cell phone at half the price, a five star vacation with tons of freebies or even close out deals can be very promising. It is like a cheap airline ticket with extra cost for check in bags. Always look for the additional costs details before sending credit card details:

Delivery cost - these are quiet normal but should be available during the checkout process.

Packing cost - depending on the industry few might charge this.

Policies:- It takes only few extra minutes to see few policies like return policy, privacy policy, refund policy, shipping and delivery etc. After all it is "your" decision about how secure your feel about online shopping. Most of the reputed websites will have these readily available for you to access.

SSL all the way:- Once you have done your homework and are sure about your purchase you get down to business. Please look for signs of a secured connection. "https", SSL, padlock symbol are few terms we all are aware off. And yes they are exactly what you are looking for before punching your card details. Many vendors take you to a third party like paypal for more secure checkout. This is absolutely OK or even better.

Review before pressing "Send":- Too many similar items and too many choices, mind can sometimes play games. Please review to make sure you typed correct information removing any room for errors.

Fraud protection:- If "Hell" has to loose, you might be covered with online fraud protection offered by many credit card companies.

Phishing Filter. This is another add-on to your computer to warn you of fraudulent website. Must to have.

Proof of purchase:- Though many websites immediately send a response of receiving your order some don't. Please take either a print out or just a screen shot of your purchase as proof. It is always good to secure yourself and your purchase.