Stacked stone ledger panels undoubtedly make a statement when installed in the bathroom. The stacked stone ledger panels work well with most of the themes like rustic, bohemian, contemporary, chic, or royal. Not only do they provide a luxurious and elegant finish to the bathroom, but also have several criteria that make them ideal for bathroom use. 

Here is a list of benefits that stacked stone ledger panels provide that makes them an appropriate choice for the bathroom:


The stone ledger is made up of natural stone that is cut and stacked one above the other. The natural stone can be granite, sandstone, or limestone. The durability of natural stone enhances as the surface area increases. The panels have active waterproofing and an anti-fracture membrane, which offers years of durable elegance. Thus, if they are maintained efficiently, they can be used for decades. 


The stacked stone ledgers come in a variety of colors and shapes to choose from. It can ideally cover all themes and moods whether contemporary or rustic. The choices break the monotony of conventional natural stone and offer several options. The unlimited choice that it provides, makes it a versatile panel for shower walls, backslash, and wash area. 

Affordable and lightweight 

Since they are made from pieces of natural stone, they are customizable and affordable. It is drastically cheaper than real stone or other types of tiles. It is apt for people on a budget. It is very lightweight and hence easy to install at any place. A stacked stone ledger panel dramatically changes the appeal of a simple bathroom. 

Easy installation

With the right installation, the stone ledgers can last a lifetime. Starting with the substrate preparation with the right bedding and setting materials. With the appropriate cement board or anti-microbial tiling, the moisture-locking ability of the panels will be sealed. Application of waterproof membranes like sheet membranes or fluid-applied membranes will avoid water to get past the membrane. Polymer-modified thin-set prevents the growth of molds and mildew. 

Easy maintenance 

Stone ledger panels do not involve much hassle in cleaning and maintenance. A regular brush with soft bristles is ideal for the removal of dirt and dust. Washing the panels with warm water and soap will ensure deep cleaning. The use of bleaches or chemicals should be avoided as they can damage the ledger panels. The panels have a porous nature and so should be kept away from any harsh chemicals or detergents. A warm towel dipped in the liquid cleaner is the best and easiest choice for the regular maintenance of the stacked stone panels. 

Resale value

A well-maintained bathroom has a higher resale value. Stacked sled ledger panels have the highest resale return on investment. 


The stacked stone ledgers not only provide a classy and elegant appeal to the bathroom area but also have characteristics like versatility, durability, affordability, easy installation, and maintenance which make the panels, an ideal choice for the wash area.