Okay now that you have decided that your house needs a revamp, whether you are looking to do a complete overhaul or change up one aspect of the space, the first thing would be to get idea and plan and then to execute.

So to your rescue here is a step by step guide for renovation into trendy designs and features for your home in this pandemic.


Try reposition of your bed and you might end up creating more space. Rearrange your artwork or your family pictures. Get new frames to bring a mid-century modern vibe. Get rid of the furniture you don’t need anymore, or try spray painting to present a rustic makeover. Hide all the cords and cable to avoid a shabby look. Get some fancy curtains to instantly uplift the game of home planning. Donate old clothes to clear up the space in your wardrobe and indulge in philanthropy. Store the non-seasonal stuff away. Nothing can beat cleanliness and hygiene so wash your sheets regularly and dust every week. You can also replace your conventional light bulbs with string lights or lantern or a chandelier. Inculcate greens to your room to bring aesthetic back and foster freshness. 


New cabinets especially wall mounts to save space could be used. New floorings of oak and walnut are apt remodelling ideas. Vinyl flooring are a great choice to bring a wooden finish and you can check out our collection at tilesbay.com . Add a kitchen island with natural stones like granite and marble along with engineered quartz. Upgrade the kitchen appliances for sleek and organized look. You can also go for open shelves to ensure a cantina look. 


Ditch simple white colour cause it’s off chic, boring and monotonous. Play with colors, patterns and textures for walls and floors. Try installing cabinet space under the sink to store necessary toiletries and a space to place indoor plants there to bring a cohesive look. Look for mount wall vanity pieces to save floor space. Don’t dodge from bringing your antiques, scented candles and artwork to the space. Pour your creativity, nobody’s stopping. 

Entryway- Dump the conventional brown door and go for colourful aesthetic doors. Use your antiques or artwork as a showstopper for the visitor and a peek into your creativity. Use scented candles or incense sticks as a signature smell for your home. 

Drawing Room

Get plush sofa and chandelier as a treat to the visitors. You can consider funky light fixtures and pop of colour to break the monotony. Display your area of interest and passion like books or your travel photos. 

A remodelled and renovated home increases its value. Buyers often consider such houses to be maintained, organised and functional and get the sellers some extra bucks. The buyer mainly focuses on the kitchen and bath designs, so a functional and modern makeover are always a win-win situation.