In the domain of flooring, porcelain wood tile is the most demanding tile in the market. It tops the list of flooring with the detail and precision that it provides. The details are so innovative that it resembles a real wood flooring specially hand-scraped. Some high-quality tiles are difficult to differentiate whether it's real wood or porcelain tile.

Reasons why porcelain wood is better than real wood


The porcelain wood tile has an aesthetic appeal and can be used in any room. The varied colors and patterns make it suitable and compatible for every room. It matches with most of the room themes whether rustic and natural or sleek and polished or any other trendy theme. The porcelain wood tile has options for every specific style or theme need. It is a perfect match for any room of the house or commercial place. 

Easy maintenance

The porcelain tile can be installed even in high moisture areas like backslash, bathroom, wash area, kitchens, and so on. The tiles protect against spills, water, and scratches and hence are a better choice when compared with real wood. The real wood tile also needs to be sanded and refinished and includes several other hassles which can be avoided through porcelain wood tiles. Harsh disinfectants and cleaners damage the real wood tile but porcelain wood tile have a huge advantage over cleaning and maintenance. 


Porcelain wood tile has the endurance towards different weather conditions and can be installed for outdoor places. It is resistant to splintering, cracking, and breaking which is common in real wood tiles. Extreme temperatures do not affect porcelain tiles. The various wood looks with resistance are ideal for harsh outdoor activities and heavy traffic areas. 


The porcelain wood tiles come in various shapes, sizes, and shades of wood. The unlimited design options are often unachievable in real wood tile. The tiles can be installed in unconventional ways to create huge shapes like squares, hexagons, rectangles, or create patterns like chevron or herringbone, which could be an impossible task with real wood tile. There are endless design opportunities with porcelain wood tile, from traditional to modern for a wood visual. 


The technology has brought similar exotic patterns and textures of real wood in the durable form of porcelain tiles. And these tiles are much cheaper than real wood tiles. Not only does the investment in flooring reduces, but also it is easier to maintain and refinish. 


The demand for real wood tile causes deforestation and severe effects on the environment. So switching to alternatives is a great step. Even the sealants and polishes of real wood emit harmful compounds which can cause various health problems and air pollution. While the porcelain wood tiles are made up of natural compositions like sand, clay, and feldspar. Hence, porcelain wood tile is sustainably sourced and is an excellent alternative to real wood tile.