Who said messy is not fun? Ledger panels just prove that it definitely is. Ledger panels are natural stones cut vertically and placed together indoors or outdoors to give a very rugged look, which looks extremely elegant.

Coal black colours will allure you if you have wooden flooring in your house, and to add a touch of vintage class to your fireplace, you can panel the corners with ledger panels and let it work the magic. You can also pep up your outside barbeque with these panels.

Charcoal rust panels also can substitute the dark coal shades if a little bit of rustic feel is what you’re looking for, and you want to use it for outdoor paneling.

The lighter, cream shades work amazingly well with indoor decoration when used with darker wooden flooring or darker shades of walls. The contrast pleases the eyes and works its way to the heart. Creamy shades work well for outside flooring as well, and if you live in an area where it rains very often- this will be a blessing as it is not slippery at all. The ruggedness of the rock helps in that. 

And a personal favorite will definitely be the gold coloured ledger panels which go as well indoors and they work with outdoors. You can adorn your house front walls with these, your fireplace- no matter what color flooring or walls you have, and your kitchen too. The hint of gold does everything for them. It makes it different, catchy and very royal. The panels consist of deep browns, greys, and hint of rust. Another way to use them is your pool lining.


Ledger panels can re-define the way you live giving your house a very unique look, both on the exterior and the interior as well. The rugged look of the stone gives out a very bold statement, and who doesn’t like that?

Happy renovation, y’all.

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