beautiful tile petterns for wall

When precision and clarity are your need then budget doesn't top your priority list. A keen desire to have your bathroom arena interior designed in the most unique and novel way warrants an out of box approach.

You can have different bathroom wall tiles design using unique printing methods & can use these tiles for the kitchen too. If rarest tile designing is in your mind then you need to do an extensive R & D in seeking the top methods of laying reality on the surface of your bathroom tile. But we have saved your time. Roping below, we fished the formula of excellence, a less known process of raining life on the stone surface. This kind of highest tile-printing is costly & time absorbing but it's a guarantee that your home will door you to a different world when you have a shower.

Three Ways To Print 7 Beautiful Tile Patterns For Wall Tile

Here you can choose Under-water patterns, Coral Reef designs, have bathroom tiles pictures like Submarine & Torpedoes, Aqua-animals like Jelly & Starfish, Wave splash, Horizon, Twilight Theme. You can choose any of the patterns and get the tile printing in different ways.

Laser Printing on Bathroom Wall Tile

You can have some tile patterns printed with laser printing like the Plain Underwater theme, Wave Splash, and Coral Reef or Hygienic Theme for your children using Laser-Tile printing as it infuses in life to your bathroom tiles. The print on the ceramic utilizes 40 watts of carbon dioxide laser-power and is the same on glass tiles.

Sublimation Printing on Bathroom-Wall Tile

Use this printing method for Jelly & Star Fish and Submarine & Torpedoes using sublimation printing as it gives a unique color blend as this process directly turns to a gaseous state and sublimates the image particles on the tile surface. In this Tile printing, Heat-Pressing is done where an object that needs to be printed vapors skipping the liquid state on heating and settles on the tile. The output quality of Sublimation Tile Print is the highest compared to any other digital tile printings.

Ceramic 3D printing process for Wall Tile

The Submarine design, Horizon, or Twilight tile pattern will reveal its charm if printed by the Ceramic 3D printing method. Ceramics 3D printing which is now picking up the pace by Ceramic tile printing industries. This is perhaps a complicated & tiresome process that involves designing software. Normally it's an industrial method & we suggest that you have this printing done by the experts only until you take it as a challenge. Stages in here are binder jetting, material extrusion, photopolymerization method, stereolithography & Digital Light Processing. This kind of tile decoration uses ceramic ink & needs advanced printers. You could equate the reason why Tile Industries spends much on R&D.

All the three printing methods outputs high definition Bath-Space Wall Tile designs & also compliments your small bathroom tile ideas. Your bathroom tiles designs & colors can come to life when you are aware about the latest mosaic technologies & other Tiling art innovations.