Granite tile is a crucial constituent of any house building or under construction process. It is often the first choice among architects because of its durability and low maintenance and high resistance. Here are five unique uses of granite during construction, so let’s dive into them

Granite tile flooring: Granite floors look elegant in all patterns but flowery, crystal and cloudy patterns are generally preferred. They have higher longevity as compared to other flooring materials. And at the same time, they are economic. Granite tiles can literally stay for decades, if not planned or decided to change by the owner. The tough tiles require no maintenance. Granite flooring is also beneficial to health because of its non-porous nature and characteristics. Polished floors are toxic-free and when sealed properly can ensure endurance. 

Granite tiles for the bathroom: Granite tiles are very strong because they are built under extreme pressure and heat which makes them heat resistant and scratch proof. Hence, they are an ideal choice for bathroom floors. Around the shower area, an extra sealant is used alongside the tiles to provide protection from corrosion. Crystalline granite tiles cater to a homogenous, aesthetic, and uniform appearance. The matt tiles would avoid skidding and slipping in the wash area. 

Granite tile kitchen: Usage of a tile than a solid granite slashes down the expense drastically. The property of stain resistance is the finest reason to match the kitchen countertops with smooth granite floors tiles. Since granite is quite difficult to stain comparatively with other flooring options, it is the best natural stone chosen for food cooking and preparation surface in the form of kitchen countertops. There are various granite tile options for the kitchen like river white, baltic brown, Azul Noche, zimbabwe black, impala black and etc. The kitchen countertops generally use 12×12 or 12×24 inch sizes, but customization is always available. 

Granite tile wall: Granite tiles come at a fraction of the price of even the cheapest granite slab. Natural stone granite tiles provide an aesthetic natural background with a classy touch. The tile size of 24×24 inches is generally used for cladding. The glossy polished walls will provide a plush and classy look to the interior. The granite tiles for cladding generally include flamed (burnt), leather, Zapatero variants. Pasting these tiles does not even involve several hassles. 

Granite tile backsplash: Though ceramic tiles were commonly used as a backsplash trend is in the usage of granite tiles to achieve a cohesive look. Also, granite tile backsplashes are usually cheaper and budget-friendly when compared to other widely used tiles for backsplash. Granite backsplash provides a clean and contemporary look to the kitchen. There are two types of granite available as backsplash- crystalline granite tile and exotic granite tiles. An “all granite look” is not only trendy but economical and low maintenance.