You do not need to have an enormous amount of money to turn your home into a desirable one that will certainly make your friends and family go green with envy. Here are few easy ways that can make your home look great.

1. Wallpapers- Painting the walls with the right color and shade is very important. Nowadays getting your interiors done has really got expensive and if that goes wrong you are into a huge loss. Well do not worry, there’s an alternative to be free of all this and that’s Wallpapers. Wallpapers come in variety of colors, shades and designs. If you don’t like it or it gets too monotonous, well you can always change it without much hassle.

2. Storage space- With houses becoming smaller in size with the growing urbanization, it is difficult to manage the stuff resulting in the house getting cluttered. But if you manage the spaces judiciously, everything will be in place. Go for airy shelving units to reduce visual weight.

3. Lighting- One of the most important aspect to make your rooms look spacious and visually attractive is lights. Apt lighting makes your room vibrant and stylish at the same time.

4. Reflection- Usage of mirrors will give the illusion of a bigger and brighter rooms as mirrors reflect light and spread it across the space.

5. Decoration- You need not have antique or imported vases and decorative items to enhance your grandeur of your home. Just be simple. Hang plates of different hues, geometrically hang photos of your favorite places or family pictures, use of candles also intensify the look. Curtains can be in contrast to the wall’s color.