The game of countertops was ruled by marble and granite for a long time. The natural stone was durable and furnished a beautiful appeal. But now quartz has become the game-changer of the countertops business. It has become increasingly popular due to the various services that it offers. The engineered material is giving tough competition to the existing natural stones like marble and granite and is likely to serve as a complete replacement shortly. 

Here are five reasons why quartz is gaining the immense popularity

1. Durability 

Quartz is manufactured by a man-made process that binds the natural stone with polymer resins. The process produces a durable strong stone that is resistant to chipping and cracking, unlike marble and granite. Kitchen countertops are most likely to come in contact with heat, sharp objects like knives, various juices from food which could cause indentation, corrosion, reaction with the juices, or form blotches. Quartz provides resistance against all these factors and hence is the ideal choice for kitchen countertops.

2. Easy maintenance 

The manufacturing process makes Quartz non-porous and immune to stains. This, the countertops can be easily cleaned by a damp towel dipped in liquid cleaners. A smooth wipe will remove all the stains and dried spills. The non-porous nature makes it anti-microbial and maintains the hygiene of the place. Quartz is resistant to most chemicals and cleaners but a strong chemical should always be avoided. 

3. Variety 

Since the natural stone is engineered, it can be produced in several colors and designs. It offers a wide range of options to builders and homeowners to choose from. The customers with a predetermined theme have several options and designs that would match perfectly with their layout. Quartz can also be used as a backsplash and offer uniformity through its variations. 

4. Environmental-friendly 

Quartz is manufactured from the waste of mining industries. So quartz is an eco-friendly material and is an efficient way to recycle waste. Also, the quartz used during manufacturing is acquired directly from the earth. When compared to other natural stones, it comes with a longer warranty life and replacement period. Even after use, quartz can be powered and used as a fertilizer due to the presence of various minerals in quartz. Therefore, quartz is a wonderful opportunity for eco-conscious homeowners. 

5. Price 

The availability of various options comes with a price tag. It is more expensive than marble and granite and is not budget-friendly or quite affordable. But people who are looking forward to renovation, will install the best and luxurious products. They are often ready to pay the price for the elegant and sophisticated look that is achieved in the end.