ATP Quick-Paddles Office Cycle – An Effective Anti-COVID-19 Work-Space-Layout

Quick-Kick Solution Resuming Office Cycle

ATP is a biological instrument that surface- trace contamination using Bio-Film. ATP measures sanitation equipment/products, assesses soil activity, traces water contamination etc.

What does ATP trace - It surface-patrols for a particular energy molecule, signals light on detecting its prey. It is worth to note, this bio-instrument identifies only certain energy molecules. It will mute-pass other micro organism if it confronts.

The extent of ATP's feature suffices secure check in work-places. What concerned corporate secure check entry, clears now hassle free.

The need was for a reliable check system that seizes entry of infectious personnel in the office premise. ATP step-up confidence re-starting closed office operations. This detection is time saving as it does not take more than 15 seconds to deliver the result. The bliss of bio-technology provides accurate surveillance that restricts corona inside bread-earning arena. Now this secure-thrusts business operation with an accurate & prompt inspection system in place ensuring a no-no corona-breach resulting in an infectious work environment. The Adenosine Tri-Phosphate quick-determines performance of sanitation & disinfection process. I guess the facility cleaning staffs must read this blog before resuming at work.

Tips to Secured Work-Space Layout Using ATP Detector

Companies exhibit real efforts in employee-wellness screening & drafting best hygiene protocols on work floor arena. Global Life Sciences Companies share Covid-standard protocols instructing safe practices with multi-national companies. A detail interactive Dos & Don’ts are in use that wall-fix on office walls. Employer focuses on an effective re-entry management safety protocols to re-start offices.

Building Access – Initial building entry

∎ Turnstile approach ensures better queue-distancing

∎ Use of phone to access turnstiles or security gates

∎ Real time confirmation of every employee allowed in the building for the day

∎ Double assure that the floor manager is in co-ordination for each entry

∎ Lifts have spot-designed ensuring standard distancing

∎ Reception Area – Touch Free Set-up

∎ Face recognition screen opens the door

∎ Automatic dispensers install for sanitizing hands

Meeting areas

Consider limited participation in meeting room.

Encourage Virtual meeting, via conferencing, Microsoft Teams & reduce seat capacities.

Use of moisture-resistant materials in flooring & walling tiling.

Precise co-ordination in meeting room booking avoiding overlapping slots.

General office

The workplace peripherals like keyboard, mouse & communicating device are of employee. No use of landline. The pre-covid-19 office seating needs divide-configuration now like bordering and distancing. Cluster soft dividers display in different colors at work-stations maintaining minimal spacing.

Break-out, canteens & social-hubs and large concentration needs measure to reduce simultaneous foot-fall. Custom policies facilitating recess desk. Consider increase in Brew Installation avoiding high foot-fall for coffee/tea. Placement of waste dispose can at every cubicle. Removing seats in cafeteria areas to allow safe distancing


∎ Self-declaration Smart QR scanner at entry points

∎ Tracking & managing employees within building premise

∎ Tracking parking access

The choice of material to floor and wall office interiors should be for dry-surface tiling, laminate-wooden walling, and best if it’s made of sustainable/re-usable quality. Stay Safe Work Safe and follow Corona safe practices.