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Glazed Tiles

Glazed Tiles

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Glazed ceramic and porcelain tile for home remodeling., the largest online tile shop in the US, offers a wide selection of glazed ceramic tile and porcelain tiles that you can use for the flooring and walls of your residential or commercial remodeling project.

What Is Glazed Tile?

Glazed tiles have a thin transparent layer on the top surface that creates a magnetic allure in your home ambiance. These are regular ceramic and / or porcelain tiles, having a glazed coating on them. To apply the glaze onto the tile, most commonly paint method is followed, however, there are many tile manufacturers that use spray method to apply the glaze on ceramic and porcelain tiles. After being applied the glaze or coating, these tiles have to go through a couple of rounds of severe temperature, to allow the necessary chemical reactions to happen. This temperature makes them harder, denser and stronger. It is quite an important process as it lets in the durability factor to ceramic and porcelain tile.

Advantages of Glazed Tiles

Water Resistance – Glazed tiles are water resistant tiles, and considered best for wet areas, including bathrooms, kitchens, and open areas.

Durable – Glaze provides these tiles with glossy finish and durability. The glaze also protects the color and design of these tiles. These tiles are hard, and they stay for a longer duration of time.

Hard – Ceramic and porcelain tile are taken through a high temperature zone. This procedure of manufacturing gives them the substance. is presenting a vibrant range of glazed tile at cheap rates in the US. We are ready to beat any price; if you are getting a more discounted deal, please let us know, we will bring down our prices.

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